It’s Apraxia Awareness Day!

Did you remember to wear your blue?  It’s not to late to change…

Today is the second annual Apraxia Awareness Day!

If you missed me sharing the first half our apraxia journey on Monday, you can catch up here. 

apraxiaday2014coltToday is all about raising awareness.  Before Colten was diagnosed, I had never even heard the word “apraxia.”  That needs to change.  Join me today and SPEAK UP for Children with Apraxia of Speech!

Wear blue.  Share Colten’s story.  Educate yourself.

Too many children are missing out on life-changing intensive therapy because they are diagnosed too late.  You don’t know what you don’t know  and we can’t let any more children spend one more unnecessary day in silence.

Help me spread the word.  Share this information with anyone you know – especially parents of “late talkers” – sure not all late talkers have apraxia of speech, but all children with apraxia of speech were late talkers…

Educate, inform, speak up.
Every child deserves a voice.

awareness-day-logo-3For more information on Apraxia of Speech visit CASANA’s Apraxia Kids website and then read this.

In honor of Apraxia Awareness Day, I will be donating $1 to CASANA for every new client who signs up for my complimentary personal shopping services up to $500.  Sign up here (at no cost to you) to help make a difference and speak up for Apraxia.



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