Firmoo Take Two – Why Glasses are the Cherry on Your Style Sundae

This summer, I gushed over my experience with Firmoo Online Optical Store. This site has great prices, is easy to navigate, and boasts an expansive collection of fashion-forward frames in a variety of styles. I love my Firmoo frames so much, that when they reached out to me to feature a new pair of eyewear on my blog, I jumped at the chance.

This summer I opted for a more rounded tortoise shell pair:

IMG_2154But this time, I went for a pop of color with these green wayfarers:

IMG_6667In case you haven’t heard…here’s a Fashion Newsflash: glasses are the new black. OK I’m not really sure what that means either, but you can blame the nerds, the hipsters, and all the nearsighted people of the world: geek is the new chic and today’s frames are yesterday’s statement necklace. I would even argue that fabulous frames are just as eye-catching as the latest pair of Jimmy Choos.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

For me, glasses are just another fashion accessory; I love to coordinate them with my outfit. Unfortunately, this can get pretty pricey shopping at traditional eyewear stores and shelling out a few hundred dollars every time I want to update my frame collection.

Well fashionistas, thanks to Firmoo, times they are a-changing. Now you can add to your arsenal of outfit-finishing eyewear for under $40 (I’ve seen frames on sale for $8! – that’s like a venti mochochocolatta!).  I totally just made up that word…

Think of them as the cherry on your style sundae.

Here are just a few of the times my glasses were the finishing touch on a look:

firmoocollage2 firmoocollage1Dying for a new pair of frames? Check out Firmoo for prices to make you smile and glasses to enhance your style.



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