Crazy? I LOVE Crazy! That’s Why I Pair Graphic Tees with Pencil Skirts

Sometimes you get dressed and you really don’t care about the rules, or if it goes, or what anybody is going to say.

Sometimes you want to rock a Bayside Tigers graphic tee with a pencil skirt and wedges.  It doesn’t matter that you have been scared to death of pencil skirts for the better part of the last century because of some cray-cray body image issues.

Sometimes you just say the hell with it.  Yes, I drive a mini van.  Yes, I live in the burbs.  And yes, I know all the words to the Girl Meets World theme song, but dag nabbit, I’m still fun, and today I’m going to dress like it.

And you end up looking something like this:


GAP Sunnies :: Emerson & Oliver Chevron Necklace :: Crazy Dog T-Shirt :: Prescripts Jewelry Bracelet :: Lula Roe Pencil Skirt ::  Carrie George Clutch :: Target Wedges

IMG_0995 IMG_0999 IMG_1017

Then your friend’s son starts puking and your wild night {read:  glass of wine at Mulconry’s} is cancelled and you find yourself all dressed up with nowhere to go.  What is a girl to do?

You wrangle your husband for an impromptu blog photo shoot so as to not waste a cute outfit – that’s what!

And you remember that sometimes you just need to get dressed for YOU.

Have a great week!



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