Spring Fever – Five Trends to Try in 2016

It’s almost spring!  You know what that means: time to switch our closets and our clocks and dive into spring’s hottest trends.  Here are five that I can’t wait to try…

1.  Victorian Chic

Blame it on all those girlhood years spent binge-watching Anne of Green Gables on VHS, but I am so excited about the Victorian influences on fashion this spring.  I can’t get enough of lady-like silhouettes, voluminous skirts, ruffles, bows, lace accents and pleats.  Plus, these details are easy to incorporate into your current wardrobe without breaking the bank.   The more feminine and romantic, the better!

2.  Glowing Bronze Skin


Since I am olive complected, all I really need is a bit of bronzer to brighten up my face.  My go-to?  Stila’s Sun Bronzer.  I apply a quick brush over my cheeks, nose, forehead, and decollete for a sun-kissed glow.  For times when bronzer just isn’t enough, let’s say I have to attend a special event where bare legs are in order, or perhaps a vacation is on the horizon and I’m particularly pastey, I’ll opt for an organic spray tan.  One thing I will never do is visit the tanning bed;  no glow is worth compromising your health.

3.  Orange

Pastels are usually my springtime staple, but this year I am loving orange.  There is nothing like busting out brighter shades after a long winter!  I’m currently on the prowl for a tangerine pleated chiffon midi skirt to add to my wardrobe and a romantic lace dress in this hue (think:  Marissa Webb) for my friend’s Finger Lakes wedding in June.  The springtime citrus trend can be intimidating, especially if you are used to a more neutral color palette.  Whenever my styling clients are nervous about rocking bright colors, I tell them to start small. It’s easy to add a pop of color with your polish or rock some matte orange lipstick to brighten up your look and stay current and fresh this spring.

4.  Hair Bling

What can I say?  I enjoy accessories and I like the idea of having another place to put them.  Love some of the gilded barrettes and head bands I’ve been seeing lately.  Hair bling is just another fun way to add visual interest to even the most simple of looks, which is why I’m drooling over the sequined anthropologie turban head band above.

5.  Shoulder Spotlight

At my eleventh birthday party I rocked a perm, an orange mock turtleneck short sleeve top with cut out shoulders, and a peace sign necklace.  My coolness knew no bounds.  At least not in my own head it didn’t.  Fast forward 2oish years later and I’m ready to bare my shoulders once again.  Check out some of my favorite shoulder baring looks in my Cold Shoulder virtual catalog on shopyourway.com.

What trends are you most excited to wear this spring?



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