If you are a blogger and are not already affiliated with a networking marketing company or at least in the process of searching for one to partner with, WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

If you think “network marketing” and picture your mama’s home party with canned sales presentations, Jello molds, and an overabundance of panty hose –  you need a refresh on your thinking.

The networking marketing industry is changing, how people shop is changing.  You know this!  You’re a blogger!  You understand the potential of e-commerce.  You are in affiliate programs, you charge for sponsored content – you get the importance of social selling because you do it EVERY SINGLE DAY.  So why not partner with a MLM company that is in line with your brand and create some passive income?

Here are ten reasons it makes sense to diversify your revenue stream with networking marketing:

  1. You already have a captive audience who trusts you for product recommendations.  If you believe in the product and you share it, your readers will buy it.
  2. You are selling products all the time – through affiliate links, sponsored posts, and social media campaigns.  A network marketing business would not add to your workload, it would simply diversity it. You just adjust your posting schedule and social media calendar to include the company and products that you decide to join.
  3. You have the skill set.  You know how to engage on social media.  You know how to promote products in your posts and on your social accounts.  You don’t need to learn how to network online or now to market yourself.  Bloggers are marketers.  No learning curve here.
  4. You will make more when people click through and purchase.  Why make 4% or 7% on affiliate deep linking when you can make on average 25-30% by linking to your products via your network marketing website?
  5. You have the network to not simply promote a product, but to grow a powerful sales organization.  As a blogger you are part of network of business owners, social media influencers, and other bloggers.  You have, at your fingertips, a network of people who would be excellent network marketers.  You can be the one to introduce them to this valuable business model and show them how it can work for them.  So not only will you have access to your readership, you’ll have access to theirs when they join you in this new venture.  The possibilities are endless.
  6. You have the contacts to help you further your reach, your brand, your products.  You can reach out to fellow bloggers for product reviews, @mentions, and cross promotions.  You can share your brand with your media contacts.  It’s an opportunity to be on the other side and generate exposure for your product/company.
  7. You have a readership that isn’t limited to a geographic area that you can partner with in business.  Imagine being able to reach prospective team members in all 50 states who might be looking for a way to supplement their incomes, work from home, or have a fun social outlet?
  8. You can find a company that aligns with your brand and your commitment level.  With so many companies to choose from, you absolutely can find something that ties into what you are already doing.  Whether that is fitness, fashion, beauty, education, or lifestyle – there is a company out there for you.
  9. You can get started for a relatively small investment.  One of the best things about network marketing is that it levels the playing field for entrepreneurs.  While not everyone can afford to buy a franchise, anyone can afford to start a networking marketing business.  Low initial investment means you can show a profit right away.  Low overhead means higher revenue.  Lower expenses translate to more profit (and quickly!).
  10. You are an entrepreneur.  You built your blog from the ground up.  Every day you do the work.  You create content. You engage.  You build networks.  You are your brand.  All of that carries over into network marketing and nothing pays as well.  Stop trading time for money and diversify revenue with a network marketing business.  Passive revenue is a beautiful thing, so find a company you love, that aligns with your brand and GET TO WORK.

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