Style Tip of the Day: You Do You, Boo.

As little girls we found so much joy playing dress up.  We pranced around in impractical shoes, doused ourselves in glitter, pattern mixed before it was even a thing, and simply donned what made us feel fabulous.  No rules.  No Spanx.  No style guides.  No insecurities.  Just unbridled creativity and joy.

Do you feel JOY when you look in your closet to get dressed each morning?

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess probably not…

At some point fashion stops being fun and starts being a chore.

If we aren’t battling with our budget, we’re battling with our bodies.  We’re trying to follow someone else’s rules, keep up with trends without looking trendy, find our perfect color palette, stay in season, look like were trying (but not trying too hard), thrift a Chanel bag, drink plenty of water, shave our legs, pluck rogue chin hairs, all while being sure to avoid camel toe, panty lines, exposed bra straps, nippleage, muffin top, stains, holes and wrinkles.

It’s freaking exhausting!

At some point we throw in the towel.  We give up.  We stare at a closet full of clothes and lament that we have nothing to wear.  We resolve to loose ten pounds.  We rotate the same 10 “work outfits,” live in yoga pants despite never actually practicing yoga, or grab the same jeans and t-shirt every. single. weekend.  We get lost in a sea of sameness and routine.

Snooze. Fest.

What if I told you to forget everything you’ve ever read and ever learned about “fashion” and “style?”  What if I told you the only one making the rules here is YOU?

Mind = blown… right?

From now on, don’t wonder if it’s in season, if you can wear white after Labor Day, if you can rock floral with stripes, what the Pantone color of the year is, if that cold shoulder sweatshirt was on the list of what to never wear after 35, or what a French girl would do.




You’re wasting precious energy that could be spent crafting a personal style that is uniquely you, tailored to your lifestyle, and makes you feel like you can conquer the world every time you step out of the house.

It’s actually what I do… like as my job.  😉

Helping women develop their own, unique personal style is hands down the most fun and rewarding part of being a stylist.  I love to watch women fall back in love with playing dress up, and inadvertently, back in love with themselves.


It’s actually quite simple.

Determine what you like

You should wear clothes you actually like.  (Groundbreaking, I know.)

Is there a celebrity whose closet you would love to raid?  Is there a city that you really resonate with? What are you swooning over while window shopping, scrolling Instagram, or pinning to your style board? What colors make you feel fabulous?

Get clear on your lifestyle needs

You should dress for your actual life.  (Crazy. Talk.)  If you have a closet full of cocktail dresses and never go to cocktail parties, that is a problem.  If you have 27 pairs of jeans, but can’t wear jeans to work, this is another sign you have a problem.

So what does your life look like?  What are you doing on a typical Tuesday afternoon?  On a Saturday night?  What big events do you have coming up in the next three months?  What type of attire is required?

Know how you want to FEEL

So now that we know what style you gravitate towards and what clothes match your lifestyle, how do you want to FEEL?  Confident?  Comfortable?  Successful?

How do you want to FEEL when you walk out the front door?  How would you love others to describe your personal style?  What outfit would make you feel successful and put together?

Assess what you’ve got

Despite having NOTHING to wear, I’m going to wager there are actual articles of clothing hanging in your closet.  I’ve yet to show up to a styling appointment to find a barren shelf and empty hanger bar.  It’s never happened.  Typically my clients (who have nothing to wear) couldn’t shove another item into their bulging closets if they tried.

What three items in your closet to you find yourself wearing the most?  What items do you feel are missing?  How much of your wardrobe do you actually wear?  Why???

Apply what you have learned

Once you start tackling these questions, you’ll start to get a clearer understanding of what YOU actually like and what types of clothing actually fit in to your lifestyle.  It seems like common sense, but for most of us that shift is a real lightbulb moment.

There is nothing better than feeling like the best version of yourself every time you walk out the door.

Do me (and yourself) a favor.  Spend some time hanging with your inner five-year-old.   Discover what style you really gravitate to, and as you dig into your closet, dig into you heart as well.

Let go of insecurities.  Let go of guilt.  (Yes, I’m talking about that dress with the tags on it that has been in your closet for 3 years.  You’re never going to wear it.)

Let go of rules.  If it doesn’t make you feel fabulous, if it doesn’t fit, if it itches, if it has a stain: let it go. Consign it.  Donate it.  Recycle it.  Do not spend one more minute agonizing over what to wear.  Take a page from five-year-old you and only wear it if it makes you smile.



PS- Since I practice what I preach… Here I am in cropped wide leg jeans and pompoms galore.  Why? Because this outfit makes me happy, it’s comfortable, it fits into my life, and my inner five-year-old would most certainly approve. In fact, in 1987, I believe I owned a charm bracelet that would have matched these sandals perfectly… 😉

Top and Jeans: Anthropologie Sunglasses and Watch: Michael Kors Bracelets: Emerson & Oliver Earrings: Artwark Sandals: Target



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