How To Style a Graphic Tee Three Ways

I love graphic tees. Give me a fun quote or witty saying and I just have to have it. Bonus points if it contains a pun or Outlander reference. I nerd so good, you guys. So good.

Speaking of nerds, if you get my “Not today Pam” shirt reference, you are my people. Any other Rachel Hollis fangirls in the house?

I’ve loved Rachel since I first devoured Girl Wash Your Face in three days. I was even lucky enough to attend her Rise Conference in Minneapolis this past June, so when I saw this “Not Today Pam” shirt from The Mompreneur Boutique, I had to have it.

Apparently Dave Hollis also had to have it, because before I knew it, he was sharing my IG post on his story, the Mompreneur Boutique was making him a man version, and I was publicly challenging him to Who Wore It Best Style Off. I may have even provoked him with a little Trick Daddy “Let’s Go.” What can I say? Things escalated quickly.

And believe it or not, this isn’t actually what this blog post is about. Who knew?

I’m actually supposed to be writing about how to style a graphic tee three ways, and I will get there…promise! I just felt that background information was important even in its irrelevance to your style needs.

So without further ado…

Let’s style some t-shirts! (Or in this case one pretty fabulous Not Today Pam shirt.)

This first look we’ll call “mom-on-the-go” – this is me 85% of the time. Okay, that’s not really true, I spend a lot of time in leggings, oversized grandma sweaters and mom buns, but in my head I’m all adorably-polished, running around in skinny jeans with sneaks, a cute tee, a statement bag and a bold lip. I’m probably 70% “leggings mom,” but we’ll work out the exact numbers another time and just call this ensemble “mom goals” for now.

This outfit formula = Skinny jeans + Cute Sneaks + Graphic Tee

Just for fun:  funky sunglasses (thanks Anthropologie!) + eye catching bag (Just Gorgeous Darling) + statement earrings (a Stella and Dot fav)

Bonus: (because this is real life and you probably need to wash your hair) baseball cap add on option.  Ta-da!

Here is the money tip:  KNOT YOUR T-SHIRT. Unknotted, this baby looked kinda sloppy, but knotted it has the fit I was craving without making it too tight everywhere. A tiny knot gives shape without showcasing your muffin top. Win-win.

Next up is look number two, let’s call it “Pam goes to work.”

I’m wearing my glasses because they make me look smarter, and that coffee cup is empty, but I thought it was a nice touch and matched my outfit. This is a safe space: no secrets here.

For this look, I needed my tee to have structure again, but knotting it the front made it look too casual for work. Leaving it untucked was Slobs R Us, and tucking it in just made me look – well, like a dork because the waistband on these pants just wasn’t cooperating. Solution? Half tuck in the back. Oh yes, it’s a thing. I twisted and tucked the back of the shirt and bloused the front. Voila!

Outfit formula = Skinny ankle length pants + pumps + Graphic Tee + Blazer

Can we talk about this blazer? It was an epic Target find. I’m sure I’m not alone in this sentiment, but that place just speaks to my soul. I can be having the worst day, and after just a few laps around Target with a Starbucks in my hand, it’s as if the clouds part and the sun comes out. I mean where else can you buy an adorable blazer for under $30? It’s the happiest place on earth. Sorry, Disney, but it is. Target, you complete me. It’s no accident that one of Rachel’s audience demographics is “Target Mom.” Clearly she knows her people. Here I am reading her books, attending her conferences, and writing blog posts wearing a t-shirt she inspired…I mean she nailed it!

“Target Mom?” I’ll wear that like a badge of honor.

Anywho… back to the outfit. This time I took it up a notch with sparkly statement earrings that some may deem too fancy for work, but I disagree because I wear what I want (including rhinestones on a Wednesday.) And you since you can’t beat a classic bag – I busted out this Michael Kors number. It’s one of my favorites; it holds all the things and still looks polished and chic.

Now that we’ve established that I wear what I want and think you should too, let’s talk about my last look, which I actually like best of all. Let’s call it “date night” even though I wore it on a random Tuesday morning {wink}.

For this outfit, I paired Pam with one of my favorite items in my closet: a H&M skirt I bought a few years ago when I was at a conference in Chicago. Guys, there was a mall across the parking lot from the hotel we were staying at. It was like a beacon calling my name. There was also a Target on the other side of the parking lot, where I bought the shoes one of my presenters had on. I went up to her after her segment, got the scoop on those faux suede tassels, and scooted over there during a break.

I digress.


That’s my second tangential Target story in one blog post.

Oh look me in a skirt!

Final outfit formula = Graphic tee + midi skirt.

I added some chunky Madewell heels I got on sale a few years ago, put on my Rayban sunnies, and then I {gasp!} mixed animal prints because I wanted to! Bam!

I’ve loved leopard since forever. I mean, guys, I’m from Jersey. My teenage room was black and leopard; I even had a furry lamp. It was epic. Remind me to dig photos out of the vault and share them on my internets [read: instagram story].

My actual point here: If you love it and you feel fabulous in it, wear it.

For me that meant spicing up this otherwise fine (but boring) outfit with a leopard headband from Anthropologie and a tiger print purse that my sweet friend Beth of Lilipad Creations made just for me.

Friends, don’t get caught up in the rules. Find your groove. Wear your truth; even if it involves tiger stripes AND leopard spots.

Outfit formulas are great. Finding inspo on the gram is fabulous.

Girl, pin like nobody’s watching.

But at the end of the day, do you, boo. ??

Now lay it on me:  which look did you like best?



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