Hello there! I’m Jenny Sanzo.

I’m a personal stylist and entrepreneur mentor and if that sounds like a made-up job title, that’s probably because it is. You see, I didn’t go to school for fashion and I don’t have a MBA. I have an English Degree and an Elementary Education Masters. And one day, when I had it with the SAHM grind, when I feared I was losing myself, my best friend said to me:

“Why don’t you start a blog?! You love fashion, you love to write, and you need SOMETHING so you don’t go crazy.”

I listened to her.

I started a blog.

And I didn’t know it at the time, but I was laying the groundwork for a whole new life.

You see, that blog was my lifeline. It got me writing, thinking, socializing. It scratched the itch that motherhood couldn’t: entrepreneurialism.

Since we had planned on being a single income family, I had the luxury of writing from the heart and letting my passions dictate my content. I was able to let my business grow organically without having to worry about pesky nuisances such as rent or the electric bill. And when my son was diagnosed with severe apraxia, it gave me a creative outlet amidst therapies, doctor appointments, and uncertainties.

Before I knew it, that blog launched my personal styling business – where essentially I get paid to play dress up, clean out people’s closets, and help countless women define their personal style and craft their self-image.

Within a few years, I felt the transition from blogger to creative entrepreneur. While I’ll always love to write and create content, I couldn’t deny that things were evolving. My styling business was booming, I was planning events, traveling to work with national brands, and working on international social media campaigns.

In 2015, I made the decision to diversify revenue with a network marketing business and since then it has been nothing short of a wild ride. A ride where I am calling the shots and designing the life of my dreams. I get to be home with my boys, travel with my husband, have the flexibility I crave and the income to make our dream life possible. Oh, and I’m having a ton of fun. My passion and my purpose have collided to created a truly inspired life. I get to help women every day work toward becoming their best selves in style and in business. I build up, encourage, and mentor; and in doing so, I become the very best version of me. I’m a better mom, a better wife, a better friend. I’m fulfilled, so I can fill up others.

It is such a blessing to share my journey and hope you leave this space styled, inspired, and encouraged to make a difference.

Cheers to living your best life,