I have to laugh when someone asks me what I do. It’s definitely not a simple answer.

I’ve spent the last decade building my brand (part-time, from home, while raising my two boys.)

I launched a blog that launched a styling business that created the opportunity to become a personal shopper for a major brand. That same blog became a platform to create No More Lies and bring to light media bias and body image; it lead to speaking engagements and event planning. And that same blog produced a product review that inspired me to dive into network marketing and one year into that business, I lead and mentor an extraordinary international team of entrepreneurs.

Why am I sharing this?

Because you never know where life will take you.

Have you heard the saying “you’re not tired, you’re uninspired?”

Well are you? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you ready for a change? Are you longing to create? To build something that is entirely yours?

Well, it’s time to get inspired.

Sometimes, you need to cash out your teaching pension with no plan, launch a fashion blog with no fashion experience, and try a business model that you had originally sworn off.

Sometimes, if you listen to your heart – if you work hard and have patience, you can wake up one day with a life most people only dream about. YOU can define success any way you want. If your dream job does not exist YOU can create it for yourself.

I get paid to wash my hair, take selfies, play dress up and shop. I have time freedom and financial freedom. I choose my tribe, I set my vibe and I love this life I created.

That thing you always wanted to do, do it. Get Inspired. Then get to work.